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10 December
Bill Jones and I just finished building his new homepage:
Stop by and read all about his award-winning experimental films
Massillon and Finished.



check out my homage to Johnnny Depp @
"All You Can Eat"
artist-made karaoke videos & TV dinners

organized by Peter Brinson, Christina Ulke & Michael Wilson
@ c-level in Chinatown as a part of the LA Freewaves Festival
17 Nov 2002 • 7:-10 pm

Your Horoscope for November 12, 2002

No matter how many candles there are on your birthday cake this
year, you still have time to see your dreams come true, but you must
get serious about your aims and ambitions. You've had a lot of fun and
played a lot of games, but what will people remember you for when
you are gone? Do something special with your life this year.

Joyce Jillson's Stars

TODAY'S BIRTHDAY (November 12). With a little more research, you can put together a
moneymaking plan that simply won't lose. Enroll key players in the project now, and you'll be
making money by February. March is a love month. Couples buy homes together in May,
paving the way for a new lifestyle. Singles find passion with an Aries or Sagittarius. Your
lucky numbers are: 4, 39, 22, 50 and 7.


11 November
The week of my birthday has always been a time of personal reflection and in my mind, marks the beginning of my fiscal year. As I was just completing a detailed table of my personal debt/creditors to post on this page, Trevor mentioned that it would not be such a good idea to post such details on my website. ("your creditors will think that you're taking the piss out of them") So here is the running total (excluding monthly expenses) $117,931.95 add to that approximately $20,000 a year for basic expenses (that is, excluding debt payments.)

If anyone has any (legal) quick fix cash ideas for me please contact margie@babyhans.com.

10 November
Thank You to everyone who helped me celebrate my 39th birthday!
View Party Pics
View Bday Invite

LOST: a black army jacket with an unexposed roll of b/w kodak film & leika lens filter in the pocket.
FOUND: Kerry found his bicycle light left here at the last Weds Night BBQ in October of 2001.

Hey My Birthday isn't really until Tuesday the 12th... which means that there's still time to give me a GIFT:

9 November
Hans Object of Desire is screening today
@ Ladyfest Los Angeles
as a part of Andrea Richard's Girl Director Presentation

6 November
I lost my virginity on this day in 1978 in the back of a Ford Pinto Station Wagon with the wood grain paneling after a Charlie Daniels concert at the Meadowlands. The guy hung out at the Nathan's on Central Avenue in Yonkers and I can't remember his name. I also saw the Ramones a couple of times that year and spent some time at CBGB's & Max's so don't think that I'm like a total red neck or something ...... I was also stoned all the time so if you're a fact checker and I'm off by a few days don't burst my girl bubble by telling me that there was no Charlie Daniels concert in NJ that night & I've got the date wrong. You see, I'd grown up believing that this particular rite of passage was supposed to mean something to girls even if you didn't give a fuck about the guy involved.... 24 years hmm..........
So this is the first time since the 1950's that one party has controlled the gov't.... In other words the presidency and both houses of congress. In case you like live in a cave, that particular party happens to be the Republicans. We're in big trouble folks. Now's the time for political awareness and action. Least of all you lazy ass democrats/liberals/pot head/nihilists can get out there and vote.
And speaking of pot..... I was all ready to move to Nevada in the hopes that the marihuana & gay marriage measures would pass. Better luck next time. It really blows my mind that it was easier to smoke pot without being busted back in 1978 ... in the back of a Ford Pinto with the wood grain paneling......
Don't abandon all hope yet. You can still get laid in Nevada for a bit of cash. Next time you're in Reno check out the Moonlight Bunny Ranch. Feels a lot like home. Sunset Thomas, Airforce Amy and Caressa Kisses are highly recommended.

30 October
is Screening Tonight @ SCARY SHORTS in Paynie's loft in downtown LA. (Unfortunately I'll be in Vegas shooting Pornstar Pets)

24 October

Another Bomb Scare
in Silver Lake

15 October

Your Horoscope for September 23, 2002
SCORPIO: You need to get away from the crowds. You need to find a place where
you can rest and think and start planning your comeback. Don't worry
that others might think you are being antisocial - chances are they
think that of you anyway, so you will just be confirming their
prejudices. The more people judge you the easier it is to take them by

meet my 18 year old nephew

20 September
Check out the pics from the 911 Webbittown retreat in Vegas:
Thanks to Carolann of Webbittown for arranging the trip! Call me a dork but I love my friends!!!

also - I've got a new store that is stocked with reasonably priced prints of
my art work. Perfect for the collector on a budget. I've resurrected some old hits including Repent! which is a part of the Phideaux Xavier collection. Hey now you can have your very own!

(thanx to calmx for the hook up)


...and I just found some pics I took on the weekend of Jun 9th :

4 September
Although I'm fantasizing that it's nearly autumn back home on the East Coast, it's deep summer in Los Angeles, my house is infested with ants (where were they in July?) the dog with fleas (why did I buy Hart's instead of Advantage? ….oh yeah 'cause I was broke) and as I have been under self-imposed house arrest for the past week … I spent the Labor Day holiday painting and reorganizing my studio and I'm talking to myself again. …and I have a wicked cough from stress, I lost the tampons and lottery ticket I bought this morning and what if I'm the big bloody winner? So I reveal my working class roots and have sunk so low that I am purchasing quick picks.. You got to be in it to win it ….yes indeed only the lottery can save me from my $120,000 debt/cycle of poverty. Lately I've been considering trashing my nihilist ways for good and becoming upwardly mobile -I'm reading Bobos in Paradise by David Brooks. (BTW Bobo= Bourgeois Bohemians) Hmm, the Boho part comes quite naturally, yes, I am educated, PC and socially conscious (well except when suffering from road rage) I love strong coffee and prior to the big internet crash I was on my Boooooourgie way …… even if it was via internet pornography. BTW the book was written prior to the crash and of course before Enron, 911 and every other catastrophic event that fucked our economy…. And speaking of the horrors of 911 my old NYC friend Red Ed/ Carol Ann bought Calmx and me plane tix for Vegas so we can all be in the air and then together in a casino on that day of remembrance and reflection …which also happens to also be Bobbi's birthday… Stay tuned for pics.

STATS: Babyhans was out of commission for
2 weeks, 1 day, 8 hours, 58 minutes, 46 seconds

Welcome back! Check out these pics from the POKE exhibit.
And if you happen to be in British Columbia on Sept. 27th check out Teaparty! at the Antimatter Festival of underground movies, along with Allison de Fren's AFSR robot sex documentary!

Wanna help me me become a Bobo?


Your Horoscope for August 2, 2002
SCORPIO This is such a busy time for you, especially on the work front, that it
would be all too easy to lose sight of the things that really matter, such
as your family and your romantic relationships. Today's Sun-Neptune
opposition will in some way remind you that fame and fortune are
nothing compared to the simple love of a fellow human being.

Your Horoscope for August 2, 2002
LEO Everyone is watching you now. You are certainly no stranger to being
the center of attention, but what you experience today and over the
weekend will at times verge close to hero worship. There is something
about you that is so exciting and attractive that others see you as some
sort of star. And, of course, that's what you are

7/19 .....................HEY

Porn Star Pets is currently IN-PRODUCTION! Say tuned for my personal snaps.....
(I am very tired)
xxoo M

Welcome to the new babyhans. Currently I'm in the midst of pre-production on my next movie- PORN STAR PETS which begins shooting at the end of the month.......
it's a mainstream doc featuring some hot studs & stars and their furry, feathery & scaly friends...... Special thanks to Brink DVD who are producing the film- check out their site for more details...............

Outfest's Platinum Oasis happens Saturday July 13 2002! Vaginal Davis & Ron Athey have chosen Pasoloini (Pier Paolo not Antonio okay?) as this year's theme ..........which should guarantee even more twisted acts of perversion than at last year's event ......Look for my room 120 Days of Splosh! Check the Outfest Site for ticket information.

The POKE exhibition runs until July 27th. Say tuned for closing event details...............

If you missed the NY decadent 80's Art Scene you play catch up at CalState LA at the Jack Goldstein show. I hear he's appropriated some vintage syringes for the exhibit...

and speaking of syringes............... very sad about my high school idol's passing. Dee Dee I loved you ... but not enough to go home with you that night in 1993 at the Green Door Party on St. Mark's Place. Some infatuations are best left in the 70's.......... Check out Danny's Siwek's Interview with Dee Dee & review of Dee Dee's novel Chelsea Horror Hotel in the LA Weekly. Check out Heidi Follin's Gallery for Dee Dee's paintings

Stay tuned for future updates. Support the arts & buy some videos if you can ... and don't forget to sign the guestbook ...............


xxoo Margie
margie schnibbe new art exhibits suck my mania

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