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vena virago music porn films disco music cassettes cassette tapes alt porn   vena virago's music 4 porn films (cassette tape) • music i made for porn films i directed (preview on soundcloud) • $15.99 each plus tax- free shipping - purchase here
love poems patent leather acts of complicity classic xerox zine   love poems & patent leather acts of complicity (classic xerox 'zine)
dirty words from a desperate dominatrix ? a good read for the literati ? but not exactly j/o material ? xerox/52pp mini (text only) • 1st published in 1996 • $6 each plus $3 p & h
Margie Schnibbe female pleasure t shirt   female pleasure (t-shirt) • white print on black 100% cotton women's scoop neck T-shirt-xs, sm & xL only (medium & large shirts are sold out)• $32 each plus tax - free shipping - purchase here
Margie Schnibbe frontal lobe for rent classic xerox zine   frontal lobe for rent #1 (classic xerox 'zine) • plushie porn for psycho adults • margie looks for love in the suburbs, nyc and the s/m house • angst ridden and fun • 1st published in 1996 (preview on babyhans) • xerox/24pp $6 each plus $3 p & h
poop on trump   1" poop on trump buttons $1.50 (includes p & h) or free with any other order
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