kinky fine art reproductions on xerox paper 


Frontal Lobe #1

plushie porn for psycho adults. margie looks for love in the suburbs, nyc and the s/m house. angst ridden and fun.



 essential charcteristics of borderline personality disorder


Frontal Lobe #2

margie contemplates the happier times in her life; sentimental themes created for a lonely valentines day a few years back. xerox/22pp

 schizophrenic or manic depressive with schizo-effective disorder?


Frontal Lobe #3

mary tells a love story from margie's life and margie purges her collection of dark drawings made while living with a schizophrenic.


slutty husbands wear trashy lingerie and suck dildoes


Love Poems and Patent Leather Acts of Complicity

Dirty Words from a desperate dominatrix; may be a good read for the literati but not exactly j/o material.
(text only) xerox/52pp mini

stalking marihuana is my life  

Vomit: A Stalker on Ave A

margie goes home to nyc for xmas and is stalked by a pot head from westchester. bad prose at its worst.
(text only) xerox/44pp mini
read stalker in its entirety

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